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Network Administrator

AZ - Phoenix
Date Posted:09/09/2013

Category: Network Engineer
Job Order Id: 2544
Location: AZ - Phoenix
Job Type: Contract

Job Title: Network Administrator
Start Date: 9/30/2013
End Date: 12/31/2013
Location:Phoenix, AZ, US


Client is seeking an experienced IT Network professional to fill an opening at one of our key clients within their Data/Voice communications network.

In this role, the individual selected will interface with business partners to understand their network needs, design, develop, or recommend integrated network solutions and implement and support integrated solutions. The primary focus for this assignment will be to work changes for projects and service teams for context roots and VIPs. Other team assignments may be given (see info under Networking Knowledge), as work requests require.

Networking Knowledge includes:

  • Understands advanced configuration for Cisco switches and routers.
  • Experience with load balancing hardware and configuration including Cisco CSM, ACE, and F5 Networks Big IP
  • Possess detailed knowledge of Cisco Content Switching.
  • Detailed knowledge of the OSI Model, and how network configurations are accomplished at different levels of the model.
  • In-depth understanding of networking principles: TCP/IP protocols and subnetting, Ethernet topology designs and terminology, network interface cards.
  • Understands a VLAN and at least one guideline for configuring a VLAN.
  • Is familiar with router and switch hardware to include hardware redundancy applications.
  • Understands how to configure and troubleshoot RIP, OSPF, and BGP routing protocols.
  • Understands / is able to troubleshoot WAN circuit technologies. (Should have experience working with SONET, ISDN, DSL, and DS-0 through DS-3 technologies.)
  • Able to describe dial-on-demand routing.
  • Possess a firm understanding of encryption protocols, and how to implement network based encryption.
  • Understands how to configure static and dynamic NAT.
  • Is able to create and apply ACL's to meet design requirements.
  • Is able to be a resource for the multicast design of the SF network.
  • Is able to be a resource for the QoS design of the SF network.
  • Demonstrates an awareness of network security issues.
  • Understands the philosophy of internet gateway routers configuration.
  • Possesses a basic understanding of the purpose and location of print servers, SMS servers, and firewalls.

Qualified individuals should have:

  • A Bachelor's degree in an IT-related field or extensive networking experience. CCNA preferred.
  • Demonstrated excellent customer service skills.
  • Demonstrated excellence in troubleshooting and analysis skills.
  • Demonstrated effective communication and network documentation skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work as a team player and enjoys collaboration.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and initiative.
  • Experience in working problem calls and records.
  • Ability to recognize and recommend process improvements.
  • Is able to identify differences and similarities in various networking solutions.
  • Experience with vulnerability and risk assessments.
  • Experience in researching network tools.
  • Experience following a methodology and willing to learn/follow Client processes.
  • Understanding of network hardware.
  • Ability to solve complex problems and coordinate work with others.
  • Has the ability and willingness to learn technical information.
  • Proven Time Management and Organizational Skills.
  • Results driven and Quality focused individual.
  • Experience in seeking information from various sources.
  • Ability to establish and build upon interpersonal relationships.
  • Required to serve as Subject Matter Expert in consulting with other team members as well as other IT groups.

Skills within the skillset are:
NETWORK COMMUNICATION PROTOCOLS AND SOFTWARE: Knowledge and use of various Communication Protocols and Software including Dynamic Host Communication Protocol (DHCP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Transmission Communications Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

NETWORK CONNECTIVITY - ENTERPRISE: Facilitates the connection of Internal and External entities to the Enterprise Network using Network Hardware, Software, Value Added Networks, and Data Circuits.

NETWORK DATA TRANSFER: Management, Modification, Documentation, Evaluation, and troubleshooting of Bulk Data Transfer, Batch Data Transfer, Mainframe PGP, Expedite BASE/MVS and Network Monitoring Facility.

NETWORK ENTERPRISE PLANNING: Includes industry research, Cost Documentation, and Pre-Project Planning.

NETWORK HARDWARE: Understanding of networking hardware devices, ability to configure and troubleshoot Cisco Routers and Switches; Server Load Balancing with Cisco devices; May include ability to use and interpret system traffic using Protocol Analyzes (Network Sniffers); May include knowledge of the Nortel VPN Solution.

Critical competencies include: -
Conceptual Thinking - Teamwork - Customer Service - Navigating the Organization - Optimizing Team Performance - Interpersonal Relationships

Other Items to consider:

  • Variable work hours. Late night and weekend work due to service windows.
  • Constantly changing challenging technical environment.
  • Candidates must be balanced with customer service and technical skills

Required Qualifications:
Advanced configuration for CISCO routers and switches
Minimum Years Required 3

CISCO Content Switching
Minimum Years Required 3

TCP/IP protocols and subnetting
Minimum Years Required 3

Troubleshoot WAN circuit technologies
Minimum Years Required 3

Detailed knowledge of the OSI Model
Minimum Years Required 3

To apply, please contact Ravikanth at or call on 781-780-2939 x 3040.


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